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JNTHN STEIN Plucks your Heart Strings with a Guitar-Driven “Swimming” Remix


Candid Music Group‘s co-founder is making rounds with remixes as of late by lacing his signature sound on original tracks. Based out of New York City, JNTHN STEIN has slowly gained traction as one of the upcoming producers in the future bass and experimental trap genres. Someone may certainly notice the grit and passion he puts into his work by the vibe it gives off aesthetically within the tracks. As a person from New York, I can attest to how my city is perfectly captured in specific instances by JNTHN STEIN using his environment as inspiration. His latest effort is a great example of this very notion. Joe Hertz and James Vickery on “Swimming” tells a love story that utilizes the analogy of being under the weight of water while swimming ashore. The weight is too much handle, yet the narrator still wants to make the relationship work. As the chorus states, every time he takes the person back, the relationship still struggles.

Musically, the guitar-driven sample adds an emotional element that is bluesy and provides an internal hope that the relationship may work out. At the same time, there is anxiety and distrust underlying when the guitar riffs become distorted and changes tempo. The lush vocals by James Vickery lends itself as a cross between Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, both successful in the singer-songwriter genre in their own right. As for the drums, it complements the guitar-sample in a cohesive manner. These drums will reappear in the chorus section with added synths to bring out the vocals. The second and third sections of the chorus features different variations of the synths to give a variety of sound. The track culminates with chords that are played on a piano synthesizer and wave sounds that are reminiscent when near an ocean. Be sure to check out JNTHN STEIN’s remix of “Swimming” and his other work on Soundcloud below.


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