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Flume Makes His Return a “Heater”


Future Classic‘s very own Flume is back with an EP compilation that supplements his highly-anticipated Skin album, which released in May. “Heater” is part of the latest effort by the future bass pioneer in a collection of tracks within Skin Companion EP I. We heard a snippet of this track in Flume’s original preview track that he uploaded before Skin’s release. After indulging our ears in this preview, fans and critics alike were waiting for his latest album and what Flume had to offer with his take on future bass. From the first track to the last track, he did not disappoint and essentially stepped it up a notch on a soundscape level. It was as though Flume infused his signature synth sounds into a brand-new atmospheric drum kit that he was utilizing throughout the album.

Flume’s iconic synth and rhythm pattern is displayed in this title-fitting track. Coupled with a half-time drum-break beat, “Heater” seeks to bring his old style in nostalgic fashion. Reminiscent of Flume’s remix of “You & I”, the tempo and hard-hitting beat gives a lushness yet grittiness to a distinctive track that many fans awaited to hear on Skin. Faint howling ties the song together as a daunting task for listeners to focus on the subtle nuances that Flume is known for. The middle section of the song incorporates a jumpy synth pattern that reflects a chiptune influence. The track ultimately ends with a string section with a combination of faint voices that fades into oblivion. Be sure to check out “Heater” and the rest of Flume’s latest EP on Spotify and iTunes now.


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