DJ Nicky – Burn It Down vs. Chasin’ (Linkin Park x Sander Van Doorn)

After posting my album Electro Revival on a forum called GYBO, someone named DJ Nicky commented on my post. I decided to check him out because he gave me positive feedback on my songs and followed me on Soundcloud. One track that stood out to me is the pairing of Linkin Park’s hit single “Burn it Down” and Sander van Doorn’s melodic track “Chasin'”. If you followed the NBA playoffs, you probably got tired of hearing of Linkin Park’s song all the time. However, DJ Nicky brings this song in a new light of electronic dance music. Known for progressive house, Sander van Doorn’s anthem compliments the vocals of Chester (Linkin Park’s lead singer). Check out DJ Nicky’s mashup on Soundcloud below.

Stream/Download Here:


DJ Eli – Summer Wave 2.0 [Preview]

Eli just put out a preview for a ‘Re-Mash’ that he’s making that’s called Summer Wave. This is called a Re-Mash because he did a mashup to one of his own mashups he did in his new album, Electro Revival. Summer Wave [Electro Revival Re-Mash Preview] – (*The Wanted*x Aylen x Xristo x Eva Simons) will be released soon and the download will be enabled so just stay tuned.

NBA 2K13 Soundtrack Playlist by Jay-Z

After playing NBA 2K12 on the PS3 for a few months, the anticipation for NBA 2K13 is heightened with the newly released playlist for its soundtrack. Teaming up with 2K Sports, Jay-Z became the executive producer of the growing basketball game franchise. The playlist includes music from Kanye West, Nas, Diddy, Santigold, and many other artists including the man Jay-Z himself. Below, you will find an official Spotify stream from 2K13. Hopefully, you will be in an empire state of music after listening to this stream. As I did, pre-order the game now – Out in stores October 2, 2012.

New Blog Name

As you could see, we updated our blog name. It’s now called ‘Empire State of Music’. Eli picked it out, since he’s now part of our blog. I’m just trying to update our Facebook Page. **If you haven’t liked our FB Page, right click right here to like it. And guys, the only way to change the URL of our FB page is to get more likes so Like it up!**

New Admin

Eli is now an admin on this blog. So just stay tuned for some posts from him! His name will be ‘Elisha C.’ so just look out if you see him doing a new post on the blog!

So Many Blog Views!

Thanks alot to everybody who got my blog to be over 100 views! I just started this blog about a week ago! Well, everybody who viewed my blog, try to share it so I could get even more views. Thanks Again!

DJ Eli’s Album Release Party Info.

Look at how many people showed up yesterday for DJ Eli’s New Album Release Party, and I was one of them. My name is @DJMatt but you can’t see me in the crowd because there were SOO many people! DJ Eli picked 5 people to take turns for each song on the album. I will show you guys the script that DJ Eli made in a bit. Just stay tuned.

DJ Eli’s Album Release Party

DJ Eli’s going to have a Release Party for his album with releases tonight. It will be on a site called His name on it is ‘DJEliCrack’ and is a green bear. Starts at 7:30 ET! Click here if you are attending the Album Release Party.

DJ Eli – Electro Revival [Exclusive Album Release]

Exclusive Album Stream UPDATE

The stream will be on in about a hour so stay tuned!

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