So Many Blog Views!

Thanks alot to everybody who got my blog to be over 100 views! I just started this blog about a week ago! Well, everybody who viewed my blog, try to share it so I could get even more views. Thanks Again!

DJ Eli’s Album Release Party Info.

Look at how many people showed up yesterday for DJ Eli’s New Album Release Party, and I was one of them. My name is @DJMatt but you can’t see me in the crowd because there were SOO many people! DJ Eli picked 5 people to take turns for each song on the album. I will show you guys the script that DJ Eli made in a bit. Just stay tuned.

DJ Eli’s Album Release Party

DJ Eli’s going to have a Release Party for his album with releases tonight. It will be on a site called His name on it is ‘DJEliCrack’ and is a green bear. Starts at 7:30 ET! Click here if you are attending the Album Release Party.

DJ Eli – Electro Revival [Exclusive Album Release]

Exclusive Album Stream UPDATE

The stream will be on in about a hour so stay tuned!

Exclusive Album Stream

I showed DJ Eli my blog and he told us that he’ll give us an exclusive album premiere stream tonight! He says the album’s almost done, just finishing up. Click here to see DJ Eli’s Facebook Page.

Fabolous (Feat. Paul Cain) – Death In The Family

Mile High – Addiction [Unsigned]

Derrick Rose: Redemption A nice life story made into a song.

Iggy Azalea (Feat. T.I.) – Murda Bizness

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