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Spotlight 004

This week’s spotlight features an array of genres such as progressive house, trap, dubstep, downtempo, and future bass. One of my favorite chiptune and Wave-Racer influenced artists PUSHER has a remix EP of his single Switch and it was solid through out each remix. These remixes were too good to pass up so all of them are added in this specific playlist. Check out the playlist below and be sure to visit the artists’ respective social media outlets.


Mashup Monday 003

Recently, one of my friends was assigned to remake a remix of Grammy-nominated duo Disclosure’s “You & Me” for a magazine company. Flume, one of my favorite producers to this day, innovated the marriage between electronic music and hip hop, which is today’s future bass genre. There are plenty of mashups that uses this infamous remix but this one by JANET JACK’SON is by far one of my favorites. Check out the rest of this compiled playlist of this week’s favorite mashups and visit the artists’ respective social media outlets.

Sunday Sundae 003

This week’s Sunday Sundae features various tracks I found over the course of 7 days. This time around there were many downtempo and ambient-influenced tracks, chiptune, deep-house, and other instrumental tracks that will ease your mind before a long week ahead. Check out the playlist below and be sure to support these artists by visiting their respective social media outlets.

Spotlight 003

This week’s spotlight playlist features a lot of collaboration tracks across the board and features the Brooklyn-based duo Brasstracks that effectively blends orchestral roots to today’s future bass movements. Using a trumpet and drums, this duo never fails to remind me of my orchestra days back in high school. On the flip side, Lido is one of the few producers that sound good on every track he produces. The songs in this playlist displays his prowess as as a multifaceted musician. He’s known for surprise drops and adding different elements of various genres. Many others songs are in this jam-packed starter for your weekend so check out the playlist below and follow our Soundcloud page for other featured playlists weekly.

Mashup Monday 002

This week’s Mashup Monday features an eclectic mix of rock, funk, pop, electronic, future bass and even Indian music. Most notable are the mashups by DJ Schmolli, Carlos Serrano & Mixmsterstel. Check out the playlist below and be sure to support the artists by visiting their respective social media outlets. Please spread the word about our weekly mashup feature as well.

Sunday Sundae 002

Here is this week’s Sunday Sundae in all its glory. This week features chill-trap, deep house, liquid drum and bass and various other genres. Be sure to listen to all the tracks and check back next week for the 3rd edition of this chilled and mellowed out playlist that can help you through the work and school week. Support the artists and visit their respective social media outlets.

Spotlight 002

This week’s spotlight features future bass, trap-influenced tracks and EDM tracks. Starting off with an intricate future bass remix and ending with a heavily Carmack-influenced track, this playlist should get you through your busy week. In the future, the site will compile genre-based playlists along with the ones you’ve seen thus far. Check out the playlist below and support the artists by visiting their respective social media outlets.

Mashup Monday 001

Throughout the years, the Mashup Monday section of music blogs were a staple for many mashup enthusiasts. However, the nature of the genre has dwindled because there is limited exposure of mashups on these blogs. In my subjectivity, I think it’s one of my duties as a music journalist to resurrect this aspect of music by exposing people to this genre every week. Therefore, there will be a Mashup Monday playlist compiled of the best mashups of the week. The first edition is below and be sure to check out these artists and DJs on their respective social media sites.

Sunday Sundae 001

This is the first of many weekly playlists that are focused on a specific soundscape or genre. This week’s Sunday Sundae features ambient, chill-trap, deep house, old-school fusion of jazz and hip hop and other mellow tracks. Today’s playlist features an array of songs that you can unwind to while studying, eating your favorite meal, or preparing work for the next day. These tunes are supposed to mellow you out before a long week ahead. Sit back, relax, and go back to these songs during the week to de-stress.

Spotlight 001

Every week, there will be a playlist compiled featuring the best tracks that I’ve listened to over the course of a week. In order to seamlessly streamline this process, I shall create playlists on our official Soundcloud page: This week’s playlist is jammed packed with a lot of songs that caught my attention. Furthermore, there will be other playlists and features posted periodically on here. Also, stay tuned for more updates to our site.