Prepare to Watch the Hudson from Shanghai with HudMo’s “Shanghaied”


GOOD Music‘s very own and one-half of TNGHT is back with another bombastic track that is found on the Watch Dogs 2 soundtrack. Hudson Mohawke was recently recruited to provide the soundtrack for the video game franchise, which is solely produced by the beatsmith. The track itself contains a very heavy-laden combination of drum line rhythm and piano melody that is interwoven between violin and simple use of synths. The track starts out with an intro that is reminiscent of a beginning of a movie soundtrack with a reversal effect that leads into a reverb infused chorus that shines and goes into the Rustie-inspired drum line rhythm that Hudson Mohawke is known to utilize in many of his tracks. Possibly one of the pioneers to infuse electronic music into trap elements, Hudson Mohawke never disappoints nor strays away from his signature sound. However, he specifically states that this track and others on the soundtrack will be different than his usual offerings. Creatively speaking, this holds true in the subtle nuances yet cohesive nature of the song. Be sure to check out Ded Sec – Watch Dogs 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) on iTunes releasing November 11 and stream “Shanghaied” on Apple Music and Spotify now.


Hudson Mohawke

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