Orchestral-Assisted “Lake” Draws Emotions From Newcomer JANEE


Not much is known about a relatively new artist, JANEE, that surfaced on Soundcloud about a month ago. As you sift through tracks, however, the producer’s tracks are hashtagged as Orchestrap. After hearing this track on the first listen, this blend between orchestral elements and trap is fitting for such a song as “Lake”. The song starts out with a string section with string-plucking on a violin or pizzicato, cello, and bass cello. If you listen closely in the background, there is also a piano melody that is layered throughout the song until it becomes the lead of the song.

When the song reaches the beat portion, you can’t help but be in awe on how smooth of a transition from authentic orchestral instruments to a synth-infused trap beat. A synth section within this beat may remind you of “Stay Crunchy” by Ronald Jenkees. JANEE might have drawn influence from Ronald Jenkees, an innovator of incorporating acoustic instruments and electronic elements together into a marriage of blissful sounds. Although the song itself may seem simple from a melodic and song structure standpoint, its subtle intricacies and soundscape drives this track home. Check out JANEE’s “Lake” and his other work on Soundcloud below.


SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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