Ramzoid Hits Hard on Carmack-esque “Maze”


Soda Island‘s co-founder and Canada-native, Ramzoid is back with another strong showcasing of his hybrid mix of electronic and hip hop music. Future-bass with a Carmack twist, “Maze” seeks to bend the boundaries of a soothing soundscape that builds up to a jaw-dropping 808 barrage of bass-infused and multi-key snare drum kit that is coupled with atmospheric samples that are reminiscent to howling, faint voices disguised as enhanced white noise. The song then fades into an epileptic breakdown section that seeks to evoke the remnants of effects that are shown in glimpses. The intricate effects of panning on each ear gives it an aura that is hard to escape within the track.

This eventually leads in a change-up in time signature when the drum kit drops back into play. The half-time hard-hitting beat picks back up from the previous drop and adds a new flavor to the ending of the track. The outro fades out into an oblivion of white noise and silky smooth notes played on a piano synthesizer, forcing you to replay this magnificently produced piece by Ramzoid.

As stated previously, this track seems to be an ode to the great Mr. Carmack, a beatsmith legend that always pushes the soundscape by adding many layers of sound into one compact song. In his case, his signature sound features a heavy-driven drum kit that creates its own atmosphere in the way it is mastered through reverb and other effects. Ramzoid’s “Maze” is a perfect example of how someone gains inspiration from other people’s work and tries to emulate it with their own twist. Be sure to check out this first track from Ramzoid’s Universe EP and the rest of the album on iTunes and Apple Music.


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