Exclusive Lupe Fiasco Singles to be released via iTunes

Having just released Lamborghini Angels, Lupe will keep the ball rolling as we get closer to the album release date.

According to iTunes’ Complete My Album, we can expect “Form Follows Function” to be released 2 weeks from now on August 28th. Another 2 weeks after that, a previously unannounced song titled “How Dare You” will drop on September 11th.

Be on the look out for the video to B**ch Bad which should be dropping soon, and of course be ready for Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part 1 to be available everywhere on September 25th!

Side note: We can’t confirm yet whether the black box in the picture above is the album cover or just a place-holder at iTunes. But considering the format of the artwork for the singles, we can’t count anything out when it comes to Lupe.

Album Cover is what you see in the picture. For more info. click here.

Side note 2:
If you want to see the premiere of ‘Lamborgini Angels, Click here.

If you want to download the iTunes version of the song, click here.


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