DJ Khaled featuring Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana & Jadakiss – I Did It For My Dawgs

Rounding up the DJ Khaled trifecta is yet another feature heavy track titled “I Did It For My Dawgs.” Featuring Khaled’s MMG comrads Rick Ross and Meek Mill, as well as French Montana and Jadakiss. Having already given us tracks B**ches & Bottles and They Ready earlier today, and a number of more notable singles, let us know what you think of the Khaled’s upcoming album Kiss The Ring thus far. Expect the new album to hit shelves August 21, and you can grab your pre-orders now by clicking here.,MEEKMILL,FRENCHMONTANA&JADAKISS-DIDITFORMYDAWGIFWT.mp3&dur=266.5&bg=F9F9F9&border=CCCCCC&color1=00A5DF

UPDATE: Album got leaked. Click here to view it.


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