Champions (Mixtape) [Hosted by Meel]

Here is a new mixtape hosted by Meel. This mixtape has Pusha T and many more artists. As you guys could see by the cover, it’s based on the Olympics USA basketball team(LeBron James depicted on the cover). Click below to download the mixtape.

1. Pregame
2. Pies
3. Just Like You
4. Great>Good
5. Trill Forever
6. Stay (Freestyle)
7. Go
8. King
9. Praise God Pt.II X Win Forever
10. I’m The Man
11. Pink Skies
12. Ilenna
13. Legal Regal
14. Yeah Yeah
15. Gimmie What You Got
16. Bust Shots
17. Name Droppin’
18. Party at the Crib
19. Whatever I Want
20. Q&A
21. Come Up
22. Think I Was Lyin’
23. Round Me
24. Get It Right
25. My Attitude is Gratitude
26. He Needs Me
27. Post Game



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